Message from Group CEO

It is possible that we have never faced a world as daunting as at the current moment. We seem to be facing such massive challenges in every field; economically, politically, ecologically and environmentally.

It becomes incumbent upon every company/citizen of this world to play its role in facilitating change irrespective of size. Sustainability for business is an operational imperative and strategic opportunity in the face of more stringent regulations imposed by Governments both in the country where goods and services are purchased and, in the country, where they are delivered.

Consumers themselves are demanding products that support the ecology and have longer life cycles and more value. It is clear that companies that embrace this change will position themselves for continued growth in tomorrow’s economy, reap the benefits, and find themselves in a position of leadership.

Printcare is a relatively small company but is committed to sustainable value creation, for its shareholders and varied stakeholder groups. We recognise that as a leading printing and print services companies globally we have a responsibility of establishing a benchmark for sustainability.

At Printcare, we do not wish it to be merely a program or a set of good intentions, but a set of behaviours and actions that are integrated with the business strategy of our company and reflected in our culture. We believe sustainability is the growth oppornity of the 21st century, but we don’t think it’s just about being “green”. It’s about rethinking how the world works and findings smarter way to do the simple actions that make up our daily lives.

Our view of sustainability is defined around the economic, social and environmental impacts of our business. Our intention is to put in place a progressive plan around each of three factors, thereby enhancing our capabilities through incremental improvements.

We intend to track our progress by putting in place a structured process of stakeholder engagement and through the measurement of our impacts.

We see this period of economic uncertainty as an ideal opportunity to transform the way we do business, recognising the need to take small incremental step to achieve a level of excellence within the next 3-5 years.

CEO-Printcare Group

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