Teabag Tag and Teabag Envelopes


Printcare group has been producing Teabag Tags and Teabag Envelopes for the best brands in the tea world for over 25 years. Printcare India is the #1 supplier of Teabag Tags in India. We’re considered one of the Largest, most experienced and most innovative producers of Teabag Tags and Teabag Envelope

Printcare India manufactures Teabag Tags and Envelopes for IMA, Constanta, IWKA and MaiSa Tea bagging machines. In keeping with our efforts to minimize our environmental impact these products primarily use raw materials from sustainable sources that are food grade

Teabag Tags & Envelopes are produced on high speed multicolour presses with exacting tolerances and specifications. Each tea bagging machine is unique in that its precise specifications vary, which means the tags and envelopes produced also require the same precision, with tolerances often being within 0.1mm. Our systems are designed for these tolerance and operators are trained for this level of attention to detail ensuring a high quality product.

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